Sunday, March 1, 2009

My first Scare Geocaching!

About 3:30 this afternoon I decided to go grab several caches before the sun worked its way down to the horizon. I had 5 planned. I was itchin' for a drive, some tunes and a bit of wind, so I aimed for the boonies.

I got the first two done with no problems. The third one was the farthest. I was a bit surprised that the road turned to dirt half way there, I'm still not used to these "country" roads. As I'm getting a bit closer I start to examine my surroundings. Fences on both sides. Odd, I thought.

I keep driving.

My gps starts beeping when I'm 500ft away. At 100 ft. the arrow is pointing hard left. I stop the car and get out. Hmmm. Still fences on both sides. Geocaches are not supposed to be put on private property without permission of the owner, and when that happens, it is usually in the description.

The fence is over several different small ravines made from water during monsoon season. (I just got a flashback of this post) so there is ample space for ducking under. No one was around... so I decided to go for it anyway. I mean, I was in the middle of nowhere, I hadn't seen a car in a while.

I crossed the dirt road and ducked under the fence. I carefully made my way through several prickly bushes. As I glanced around I mistook a couple pieces of dirty cloth for the cache, and kept looking. As soon as I spotted the cache a few feet behind an old pair of jeans I hear a car coming down the dirt road. As I open the cache, I notice that the sound of the car stops. Right on the road next to my car, that I am only a 100 feet from. Uhhhh, I'm going to get shot for being on someones property, I think to myself. I sign the log the fastest I've ever signed a log in my life and cautiously head to my car. I hear the mystery car start to roll away and I then start running to my car. I pushed through all the prickly plants with out a second thought. As I get to the road I see an old pick-up with two big dogs in the back. The guy obviously sees me in his rear view mirror and stops. Oh my god. I jump in my car and turn around. I unfortunately have to drive by this guy because it is the only way out. He remains stopped until I pass him. I sheepishly wave as I pass the old creepy looking farmer dude and then hit the gas and get the heck away from him and there!

Bahhh I was scared out of my mind. I decided to stop caching after that and head home. I thought about the cache the whole way home. The name of it was "Adios Amigos." Ironic, I thought because there were clothes around the cache... and Illegal immigrants come over the border, change their clothes and ditch there stuff when they make it over. Hmmmm, well maybe there was a meaning to that cache! Ahhh.

So when I get home I sign the logs and click "View them all on one page" at the bottom, so I can read all the previous logs. I find this:

"So...went out and looked. Saw many fresh footprints and tire tracks in the area which seemed encouraging enough but found no container there. A Sherrif's deputy rolled through while I was looking and informed me that out there is a smuggling area and UDA(undocumented alien) area. So not sure if the prints I saw were illegals or the cache owner's."

Uhhhh... yikes. I'm glad i got the hell out of there!!!!


  1. Sounds like the cache owner picked a horrible spot for a cache. At least you got out of there without any hassles.

  2. Scary! Glad you didn't accidentally find a cache full of drugs. LOL

  3. Ohhhhh LORDY! You should be glad you didn't find a dead body. YIKES!

  4. Shoulda stopped by the truck and said "Seen any illegals running around here? I lost some..."


  5. Oh my! I would have probably pee'd my pants. One thing's for sure, there isn't anything boring about geocaching.

  6. Holy cow that's scary!