Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ninety-Nine, One Hundred

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Last night I was getting ready to head out for a cache that I had gotten a hint on. I don't like to get hints (this is only the second hint ever), but after looking for this one three times I was getting annoyed. While I was loading the cache into my GPS I noticed another one had just been published not too far from the other one. I loaded it up and attempted my second FTF (first to find). I failed again. I'm just not as quick as some cachers in the area. It was my first night cache though... After signing the log on that one I went for the one with the hint. I don't know HOW I missed this, I kind of feel dumb for even asking for a hint... Anyway, those two last night put me at 98.

I woke up in SO much pain this morning. So much that I felt like crying after going for my ringing phone 3 feet away from the end of the bed. No joke. I am having major issues going from the standing position to the siting position - and well - just walking. You see, I signed up with a personal trainer a while ago and just started getting back into it these past few weeks, - and yesterday I think she was trying to kill me. I have never done so many lunges in my life. I feel like an old lady hobbling around the house.

Despite the pain, I was determine to get my 100th in today. (Lisa you owe me a Travel Bug - I WON).I had planned this (GC1MVVQ) for my 100th, but with the terrain - I knew I wasn't going to make it even half way there... So I opted for some easier but interesting ones...

GC179H4 - Would a Tree Stump You

This cache gave parking coordinates. I'm glad too, because I wouldn't have known where to go! The "curb" was about two feet high. I should have taken a picture of it...

Anyway I saw the cache about 70 ft. away. Though it was an easy cache, I really appreciate that someone took the time out to make this cache. I love the neat ones!

Geocaching 3-10-09

There was even a fancy plaque on it.

<span class=

The only negative to this cache was the desert casualty I spotted when I removed the container...

Geocaching 3-10-09

There wasn't much for taking, so I just signed the log and left some goodies for the next person.

Geocaching 3-10-09

GC1N03 - We Are the Champions

I picked this one because I thought the name was perfect for my 100th find and victory!

It was... uhh.. interesting. I'm not sure if it was supposed to look like a pile of rocks or a steaming pile of cow crap. Either way, I found it and I'm counting it!


This is me with my 100th. Pardon the grunge look - I decided to shower after getting dirty caching.

Geocaching 3-10-09

I got the cap off and signed the log! I took a little heart shaped key chain and left one of my monkies.

Geocaching 3-10-09

Here is the bottom, in case you were wondering how it was made. Its that foamy stuff I don't know the name for!

Geocaching 3-10-09


  1. Ack! My eyes!! When did you start posting GC#s (and WHY?)

    But congrats on 100 caches.

  2. I just did it for this post becuase it was a special 100! Its not something I typically do, but to be fair there is a bright red waring at the top.

  3. Wheeee! You did it, girl. Congratulations on your 100th find.

  4. Yay! Happy 100th!

    Congrats on the milestone. What a couple of neat containers for 99 and 100 too.

  5. Congrats on whipping your sister and winning the bet!