Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Todays Caches

I put 11 caches in my GPS today, thinking I might make it to 100... but by the time I made it to cache number four... I was sweating my a$$ off, extremely parched and about to burst. So instead of having an accident in my pants, I wimped out for the day and went home.

I did snap some pictures with my not so fancy camera today of the caches. Enjoy.

Cache 1:
I knew this was a large cache, so I looked for the typical pile of sticks/rocks near the base of the tree. I thought for a moment it was missing, but then I spotted it!
Cache 1 - Location
Cache 1 - Contents

Cache 2:
This one was a micro, and since the tree my gps was pointing at was covered in thorns I decided to look at the ground - I immediately spotted this.
Cache 2 - How I Found It
Cache 2 - Opened

I am pretty sure I left this cache the way the Cache Owner intended....
Cache 2 - How I Left It

Cache 3:
This one was a ways out from the last one and was pretty hilly. I was dead by the time I reached it.
Cache 3 - Location

I feel like all the caches I found today were lacking in the swag department, I should have made a dollar store run before I went out, becuase I didn't have anything good to add/trade.
Cache 3 - Contents

Cache 4:
I decide to get this last one before leaving becuase I knew it was near the path I could get back on to and follow to my car.
Cache 4 - Location
Cache 4 Contents

I took some batteries out of the last cache, In my opinion that is something that should not be in cache. Aren't Batteries temperature sensitive?


  1. It's amazing that some people think a discarded bottlecap is SWAG! We'll have to step up the swag we leave to enrich!

  2. I like the Pez dispenser.

    I think batteries are probably poor swag, because they can leak, but that's just opinion. Other folks might think batteries are great swag.

  3. Quit doing these posts. I'm starting to feel like this would be a fun thing for ME to do and that would involve having a real life and all. :P

  4. Cache 2 looks awesome!