Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WisDOOM Tooth News/Update

So I finally made my way to the dentist, got X-rayed and learned the news. I have to have my one wisdom tooth removed. I'm very happy that I only got the one, I wouldn't have been able to afford getting 4 teeth out! I have to say, I am a bit nervous. I've had a root canal, so I'm expecting it to be similar... but with more pain afterwards. Since I'm "new" to Tucson (nearly a year), I had to search for a dentist. I simply googled "dentist" and my city, and clicked on the first one! I read the site and was pretty much sold when I found out my future dentist was a fellow Ohioan. They were also running a pretty good deal on X-rays and a check-up for new patients, which being un-insured, I couldn't pass up! The office was one of those house-turned-office deals, and quite charming I must admit! They were very up-to-date on the technology. The dentist stuck an ittybitty camera in my mouth and snapped some pictures and they were instantly on the screen for me to see! How cool.

I wish I had those pics and X-rays to show you! Since I don't I went browsing online for some pictures that look close to what is going on inside my mouth. Again, this is NOT my mouth. If you google wisdom teeth, you can see some wild wisdom teeth, it seems like they come in however the h3ll they want to! Lucky for me, mine are fairly straight!


  1. Lucky is right. I had to have all of mine removed.

    I have a dental appt early next month. Yippee Skippy. ;)

  2. I have to do mine eventually, too. They are coming in for now, though. The dentist just wants me to eventually axe them, but it shouldn't be as bad as if they are just there, thankfully.