Sunday, April 12, 2009

$1.68 for Sending My TBs

Some of you may know, my sister and I had a bet going. To win, we had to find 100 caches first. The loser had to buy themselves and the person who won a Travel Bug (TB). I won that bet in March.

Last week I received not one, but two travel bugs from my lovely sister! I've been thinking about what to put on them and what mission to give them for some time. Today I finally figured out what I wanted to to.

Here are the two Travel Bugs. You can click on the pictures to see the TB page, which shows the mission and gives a description.

Trumpeter Swan TB Peregrine Falcon

This time I didn't want to toss them in any old cache around Tucson, so I tried something different. I'm a twoot that tweets on twitter (haha, I had i'm a "twit" but that didn't seem right!) and I mainly use it to connect with other geocachers. So I decided to put out a tweet asking if anyone wanted to start my travel bug for me. I got 4 quick responses, so I chose the first two. I e-mailed with them, got their addresses and dropped the TBs off at the post office this evening.

My coins will be starting in different states! I think the whole thing is rather neat. I don't technically know if it is against "rules" but since it is the first move I don't really care. After all you can "grab" coins from people.... but if any one does know if there is anything written about mailing active TBs please let me know.

Actually it would be kind of neat to have a TB base on mailing or handing it to other geocahers. A TB that never sees a geocache, but only geocachers. Hmmmm. Idea. I wonder if anyone would play along.... I may have to test that idea out. I'm sure someone has already thought of it.

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