Friday, April 3, 2009

The Eggsperiment - Day 7

If it doesn't grow, I'm taking bets.

How much would you give me to eat this "egg?"

The Eggsperimet - Day 7

Ew yuck. I don't think I could REALLY stomach it ;-)


  1. For extra info, the Carpel is sometimes called the Pistal.

  2. tripcyclone sounds like a school teacher...Ha!

    I don't think I would pay you to eat that egg, but it would be neat if it sprouted SOMETHING before Easter Sunday. I'm rooting for you (no pun intended).

  3. Thar picture is kinda freaking me out...looks all bubbly and first I thought it was an egg with plack bean stew inside it...Then I realized it was your eggsperiement...hahaha, I'm a dork!

    BTW I love the little peep creatures looking off into a world they will never know!

  4. did you figure that out Just John? Did you read my blog profile?

    LOL...I teach science.