Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Geocaching Survey

I stole this survey from @Theresa E. You can read her blog here.

1. What is your name?

2. What is your GC name?

3. What kind of GPSr do you use?
Garmin Venture HC

4. What is your favorite feature on your GPSr?
The fact that it is somewhat water resistant, fairly durable and bright yellow so it is easy to find when I misplace it and hard to break when I drop it.

5. What is your best memory of geocaching?
I think geocaching with swanli in the snow in Ohio. It was so cold and muddy but it is a rare occurrence for sisters to get along in this family :-P We got a lot of caches around where we grew up, it was good reminiscing.

6. What is the furthest from your house you've ever found a cache?
Forgotten Again (GC1EZ0K). NE 1571.8mi from my home coordinates.
It was in an old cemetery that used to give me the creeps when we drove by as kids, now after being there - I have no fear!

7. What is the hardest cache you ever found?
ALL/ANY of the Micro Mania series here in Marana, AZ.

8. What is the most amount of caches you've completed in one day?
9 finds on 2/9/09

9. How did you get started in geocaching?
Mom mom's husband Dan had a GPS and I think it was my mom who was reading someones blog about caching. She brought up the Idea and we went! We couldn't find the cache, so we came back home and read the whole cache page, then found it!

10. What is the silliest mistake you've made while geocaching?
Forgetting a pen! I HATE when I do that.

11. What memorable animals have you encountered on the trail?
Lots of bunnies and lizards, but I guess I would have to say a coyote, though he was way off in the distance.

12. What is your favorite earthcache?
I haven't done one yet, but have a couple planned in the mountains as an escape from the hot AZ sun this summer!

13. When do you geocache most often? (Season? Time of day?)
Usually Mondays and Tuesdays are my off days, so I go when I'm not feeling too lazy. I would say late fall - early spring would be my peak caching times of the year. I haven't cached over the summer yet - but I'm sure my caching load will decrease and be limited to early mornings. It gets so hot here!

14. Who do you usually geocache with?
Quilted Cactus and/or standupdouble. That is my Mom or Dan.

15. Have you ever logged a find on one of your own caches? If not, would you?
I did when I first started cause I though "hey why not" but then I quickly realized people were really into this game and whatnot, so I deleted the log ;-) I haven't done it again I promise!

16. What is the most consecutive days you've gone caching and had a find?
6 Days 2/8/09 - 2/13/09

17. How do you feel about people who "collect" trackable items?
If it is your own, do what you want with it... But if you keep mine I will come over there and hack off your arms. I'm kidding people geez, but seriously don't keep someone elses coin!

18. Is it all about the numbers for you?
At times. I like to enjoy geocaching, and I want my numbers to show it ;-)

19. What have you learned since you started geocaching?
Everything is not what it seems!

20. What is the most interesting travel bug or geocoin you have discovered?
I found this little camper TB:
Out Geocaching


  1. Glad you enjoyed the survey :) I enjoyed reading your answers. That's the kind of stuff I was hoping to learn from people when I filled that out. Thanks for stealing it!

  2. Fun read Erika. Now I'm off to read Theresa's and know it will be as fun. Thanks gals.

  3. THX! That was a lot of fun to read. :)

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  5. When I get to #2 of your list and click on "ErikaJean" my profile opens up. I'm honored ;-)

  6. lol I think I have the link wrong. So anyone on geocaching will get their own profile. thanks for letting me know though, I will fix it ;-)

  7. Neat survey. I might have to swipe it too. What this survey should have done was have a spot where you "Tag" others, so when they read it they are supposed to do it on their blog etc.

    Heavens knows there's enough of us caching bloggers out there, eh?

  8. Nifty meme. I shamelessly swiped it!