Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Get a Move On!

As you may know, I have recently started some trackable items. One item in particular has been in the hands of a cacher for over 30 days. I know life gets hectic, but I looked at this dudes profile and he HAS been caching since he picked it up. So I sent him a little reminder. I don't know how this e-mail comes off, and frankly, I don't care - but I want my coin to move damn it! Is there a "pre-made" letter anywhere to get this message across? I wish there was.. if there is, please tell me. I would also be interested to see how you would word "MOVE MY FREAKING COIN YOU LAZY BUTT."

Well, Here is how I did it.


I'm checking in on the status of my geocoin "Forest Preserves" (TB1KG2T). If you have forgotten to log a drop, please be sure to log it as soon as you can. If you still have it in possession, please be sure to place it in a cache soon. If for some reason you are unable to place this coin - pass it along to another cacher or please contact me so that we can figure out someway of getting it back out there :-)

This is my first geocoin and I'm excited to see where it ends up! Thank you for picking up my trackable coin to help it see the world.

Keep on Cachin',

I totally stole that last line from podcacher ;-)

I think if someone has your trackable. You should be able to nudge them like you can on twitter - or poke them like on Facebook. The feature could be called a kick... you could kick a cacher ;-)


He is gathering mine and a few other coins for the WWFM. Which is cool I guess but how about a courtesy e-mail!! sheesh!


  1. I think that letter gets the point across in a friendly way, I like the Kick idea too.

    Look forward to hearing the response.

  2. Your letter sounds fine to me. I don't think you have to worry about how it sounds.

    Please let us know if you get a response.

  3. That sounds polite enough. I hear different time standards from different people (how long to let them go before emailing). Looking at their cache finds can usually give an indication of how often they go caching.

    I have a couple that are in the hands of some folks that have been holding them for a couple of months! Bummer.

  4. Hey Erika, I like your nudge. If it's okay I'm going to steal it to write to the person who has had my TB since Sept '08. I already wrote once but never heard back. It's sooooo frustrating. I'm glad you at least got a response.