Thursday, April 16, 2009

Interactive Geocaching Video!

I hope you enjoy searching for the cache in my back yard... GOOD LUCK! Don't forget to sign the log (leave a comment) if you find it ;-)


  1. Cool VIDEO!

    I must admit that I didn't want to think that you had "hinted" to a particular area early on, on some of the WRONG places I looked, but after finding the cache I realized that I should have listened to my geosense to begin with.

    9/15 on this one!

    I think part of me was curious to see what was hiding in the other spots, so I kept picking and choosing the wrong spots.

    lol TFTH it was FUN!!

  2. That was awesome! Took me six tries, which is probably quicker than I would have found it in real life. ;-)

    Thanks for putting this together. I'm going to link to it from my blog, if that's OK with you.

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  4. No prob QD! thanks for spreading the word!

  5. Great concept. Linked as well. TFTC!

  6. Very cool....took me a few times but I got it....TFTC SL

  7. This is really neat! You put alot of thinking & work into this! TFTC! :)


  8. Unbelievable!! Very creative - I enjoyed the hunt and will definitely pass this along! Thanks for sharing your backyard :)

    Beach Comber

  9. Greetings from Denmark

    Very cool! Had to go through all hotspots, as I had difficulty seeing what the spots where (maybe a Firefox thing?). Had hoped for some hot spot name tags, so I knew what I was looking for. Oh well, I found it - eventually.

    Small note: if you do another, try to listen to your comments back-to-back. You are saying the same things over and over - and it does get a bit annoying with all the repeats. (And yes, I know it is hard to find new and different things to say. It is especially the beginning comments in each section that seem to be mostly the same.)

    But this was really a great idea, and I will definitely spread the word.

    Happy caching!

  10. This is a cute idea! Finally hit on the right place... sheesh... let's trade links!
    EMC of Northridge, CA

  11. Took me 4 tries that was fun Thanks.

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  13. HAHA Found it on the first try. TFTH. Cool Video!!

  14. Very Cool! Thank you very much for sharing! S/L TN/LN