Sunday, April 26, 2009


I just haven't had energy to geocache lately. It doesn't help that I have found all but a few smileys close to home. So if I do want to go out and get some I actually have to prepare myself, get things together, look at maps and so on. If I have to go through that much effort - I'd rather have the whole day to cache... but I haven't had a whole day in a while.

Anyway, I hope to get out at some point. To those of you who only come to my blog for the geocaching goodies.... please standby ;-)

Anyway. Some of my old readers may know that I was doing a 365 project... I got distracted with only 100 photos left. Looking back I wish I would have kept up with it.... but it's time to start a new 365 project attempt. (A 365 project is a photo project where you do a self portrait a day.) There is a link at the top of my blog to the project if you ever want to check it out!

I took this picture of myself the other day for that 365 project... and I LOVE it. I think it might be one of the best pictures I've ever taken. I didn't do much touch up work, just played with the color a little and added some layers.


Actually, here is the original - it started out rather dark and orange!

This weekend I picked up a desk for $34 bucks at target. It was originally $69.99, and when I saw it on sale last week at $48, I almost bought it. I'm glad I waited and saved a few more bucks! I usually get frustrated with assembly directions that come with that sort of thing, but I was surprised how simple yet detailed these instructions were. I had NO problems and got the desk put together!


Well... I think those are all my random thoughts at the moment ;-)


  1. It looks liek you're pulling your legs our of the drawer of the desk in that shot! lol

    I think that photo of you is beautiful!

    Love your eyes!

  2. That is an awesome picture!!! You are so beautiful!

  3. I completely understand the phenomenon of your home coordinates being surrounded by nothing but smilies. I envy those people that think, "oh I have two hours, I will run out and get 15 finds even if they are a 45 minute drive away." Possibly exaggerated but you get the idea....
    Like your 365 idea. I need to check it out more when I have some more time.

  4. This is a gorgeous photo! :)

  5. You must be pretty good at Photoshop, the final results are fantastic!

    And yeah I haven't been able to do any geocaching in over a week now. :-(

  6. Same with me - about finding all the caches in my area. Now I have to drive a good ways to find caches so, like you, want to make a day of it, and like you, don't seem to have the time. I haven't cache'd since Dec. Woohoo on the desk deal! Great picture, too!

  7. The first picture is so much clearer! I don't know how you take such good pictures of yourself. I make a mess of it. LOL!

    Has anyone told you you resemble Reese Witherspoon?

    Psst. I don't come for the geocaching stuff. I like when you mix in posts like these. :)

  8. I love that picture, too! <3

  9. definatley beautiful picture... Great job!