Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Piggy Pandemic

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Maybe this is a bit distasteful. You know, since some people have kicked the bucket and all.... please forgive me, I'm just sick of hearing about it 24/7!! Now knowing my luck, I will get it.


  1. I'm not so worried about the Swine Flu, but I've had Hog Flu for years. It's not so bad - rather pleasant as a matter of fact.

    You look good in a mask. You'd make a great doctor.

  2. LOL, I know I don't know which is worse hearing about this all the time or how TV is turning completely digital June 12th. But the Swine flu as a long way to go before it becomes Captain Trips, (if your not a Stephen King fan google it) when that happens then I will get worried.

  3. Bird flu, swine flu, mad cow disease...Stop the madness!

  4. I hear they are working on an oinkment for the swine flu. ;-)