Friday, April 24, 2009


The winner of the SWAG bag Give away is Allegro Mouse ! (e-mail me at airr i k aj swan (AT) gma il (dot) com to claim your prize!

SWAG bag give away!

"I would use that swag bag to replace my current swag bag; a Ziploc freezer bag that we have had since day one of caching. It has camo-duct tape over all the holes so the swag doesn't fall out and has been rooted through by my daughter on 171 cache hunts. It also doesn't seal properly anymore but I am so sentimental about it and feel bad for creating more moop (Matter out of Place) in the world. If I did win this awesomely fabulous swag bag and contents, I would mount my current old ziploc bag with a label and hang it in a prominent place in my home for all to behold. I would even twitpic a photo of this for the world to see. I am off to re-tweet this! :)"

We will be looking forward to that twitpic! ;-)

Watch the video if you want, it is very boring...


THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED, BLOGGED & TWEETED!! You all made holding a contest fun! I may have to do another one sometime ;-)


  1. I love that you took video of the drawing :) That's awesome!

  2. Congrats to Allegro Mouse!

    Thank you for holding the contest Erika!!