Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I want to know why they heck anyone would think this is a desirable place for a cache!?

Geocaching 4/14/09

Geocaching 4/14/09

I'm not even going to dwell on the fact that it was near train tracks, probably closer than 150 ft....

I'm pretty sure you can see in the pictures why I was turned off by this cache. The place was a trashy homeless camp under a nice big tree. There was glass ,trash, nasty carpet, a shoe... the list could go on...

YES the tree was cool, BUT...If I wanted so badly to place a cache by/in it I would have cleaned the area up for future cachers to come. Perhaps it didn't look like this when the cache was placed, but after reading the logs... if this were my cache, I'd temporarily disable it and go clean... or archive it all together.

I know, I know, I know. CITO. And I do, but this place was overwhelming. I'm not going to put that trash in my car after cleaning it up. No freaking way. Besides. I don't think It would all fit in my car. There was more that what was in the picture. Trust me.

The Logs:

"The cache site hardly illustrates the positive aspects of our state. I hope the CO reconsiders its placement. "

"Second try, still no luck, will keep it on my list. Did collect a huge bag of CITO, could hardly get it into my truck, but you could hardly tell the difference. What a shame, this old tree deserves better."

"Looks as if this may be a layover point for illegal immigrants."

"UGH, lots of trash around here. Could use a CITO. Didn't have enough room in the vehicle to haul this trash out. Don't let your kid out around here. Found a needle at bottom of the tree. Be careful. We looked a long time and even went where cache was but didn't go far enough."


  1. Whoa! That's really sad!! This seems completely unacceptable for a cache. Given all the facts I think it's pretty clearly an unsafe area. I would bet that if someone reported this to, they'd erase it.

    I'm very curious to hear how the CO would respond. I'd like to think that the area wasn't like this when the CO placed the cache, and he/she just isn't aware of the situation now, like you mentioned.

    ...Maybe the homeless or drug addicts that hang out there got sick of people going to that spot, couldn't figure out WHY people where going to that spot, and just decided to dump trash everywhere to keep people away. I don't know what the whole area looks like exactly so I don't know if that's plausible or not....

    What's the GC#? (actually, just curious to look up the CO & check out his/her other caches & their comments)

  2. I work in a less than perfect part of town and some of the caches in this area are questionable as well.

    I did one yesterday that was not quite as bad as far as the trash goes but I was worried about sticking my hand anywhere for fear of needles, etc. And, it was just an ugly location, the cache didn't take me to anywhere that I'd ever care to go back to. I'd never take someone to that cache showing to show them about geocaching.

    Anyway, check my blog for more details and pictures. - Fields of Dreams was the cache.

  3. Wow, that's a bit much. I can understand a bit if it wasn't like that when the CO was last there, but it still seems questionable. Hopefully it gets cleaned up soon.