Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Eggsperiment -Day 62

The Eggman has been sick the past 2 weeks. Extremely droopy - now matter how much or little I water it. I even tried putting it in less sun... No luck.

Even though the little guy is still really tiny and frail, I decided I would try a transplant. I figured it was going to die in that egg - I could attempt to save its life.


I drilled some holes it the bottom of a plastic container.

Gathered some supplies and got them ready.

Then as gently as I could I took out the baby plants and replanted them. Here is where things started going bad. It was pretty windy outside and I think all but one of the little guys got bent over. As you can see - they aren't standing up very well at all. I tried my best to get the roots under the soil...

Then I decided I would water the little dudes so the soil would hold them in a little better - I also wanted to feed them some Miracle-Gro.

I kind-of-sort-of created a flood.

It just didn't want to soak in...

But finally it did...

However, I'm kind of thinking this looks a bit more like a murder scene than a successful transplant.

I guess I'll give it a few days to get grounded..... then decide if it will remain on the windowsill or find a new home in the compost pile.

To be continued!


  1. Try replanting them so that the base of the roots is a little deeper in the soil. With the soil around more of the stem, it might help hold it up a bit.


  2. Man, you're robbing the plant of its egg? :(

    Poor egg!

  3. BUT WAIT!

    What did the product promise?
    *"watch your seeds grow?", or
    *"watch your seeds turn into a lavish landscape?"

    They were too crowded tho, so I do think you did the "right thing", lol. Maybe put it out on the patio so it can have good indirect light?

  4. aw the poor little dudes! I hate to say but I think you might have to put them to sleep. :(

  5. very disappointed to see your babies slipping away, but know if anyone can pull this out, you can. Fingers are crossed!