Sunday, May 31, 2009

For Your Viewing Pleasure.

2 Videos, just for you!



  1. Those look awesome!!

    I love the second video, so fun!

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  3. I love the colors of your eye shadow, nail polish and shirt together!

    beautiful girl!!

    nice eye lashes too. Don't look fake at all.

    I have very sensitive eyes, can't even wear eye shadow. That's ok though, because Jeff hates makeup. So that's good right? I love that he loves me for who I am. I don't have to spruce anything up..hehe

    but I think I still would if I could because I get bored of the natural look every once and a while :p

  4. Hey there!
    My co-worker/office-mate/alpha-minion and I had a discussion re false eyelashes. Neither of us have tried them. I think I might try these out tonight! I will try this myself, my co-worker/office-mate/alpha minion will allow someone else to put them on for her.
    Think they are neat though!
    Have a great road trip... I still owe you a photo of my retired swag bag!

  5. No. never have worn fake eye lashes, but believe it or not, this belly that I'm sporting is totally fake. I wear it to keep the ladies away. So far it's working really good for that.