Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back on American Soil

Garden Wedding Wedding

Dear Bahamas,

I would first like to thank you for welcoming me to your country. I was extremely happy to make it through customs and receive the first stamp in my fresh passport! I would also like to thank you for making my best friend's wedding dreams come true. You provided her with the turquoise water and beach location she desired. It was a picture perfect paradise wedding! We were all thankful that you decided to keep 10am Friday morning rain free.

Doesn't she look BEAUTIFUL!?

There are however, a couple problems I noticed while visiting Nassau. One being the heat - the other being the humidity. Actually, I'm from Arizona - so I guess I can't complain about the heat. But seriously, what is up with that HUMIDITY!?

I seriously feared for my life on a daily basis. I started to believe that death by drowning (in my own sweat) was a real possibility.

So, I'll be back - just as soon as you ditch the humidity!!

Erika Jean


  1. Tresha and I Honeymooned in Nassau 9 years ago during about the same time of the month in June, I don't remember it being that hot and humid. What I remember is the beach was filled with rocks and coral at least at the resort we stayed at and all the trash on the sides of the road once you left the resort and got downtown. Always said I was going to move there and start a trash pick up service.

    This was my least favorite beach I have visited but Jamaica was my least favorite Island.

  2. She IS gorgeous! wow it looked like the perfect wedding let alone honeymoon?

    humidity? ya it was quite humid in Korea when I was there. I kind of know what that's like. eek!

    I'm sure my bones would have ached like crazy there.

    It's not really humid here, but there is a "wet cold" that gets right into my bones every other day, because that's how the weather changes here. sun Monday rain Tuesday sun Wednesday rain Thursday and so forth. Yup that's Abbotsford BC Canada right near Seattle. :P So when you coming to visit haha JK I'm not sure when we're coming to Arizona :)

    I'm glad you got home safely.

  3. Great photo, can't wait to see the rest. Glad you're back on home soil, feels good, doesn't it!

  4. Kyle. sorry to head about ur not so pretty visit :-( The beach was very nice where we stayed! just sand too - not rocky... and i didn't notice any trash - maybe they have gotten their act together since u were there ;-)