Friday, June 12, 2009

The Big Switch.

This has nothing to do with The Big Switch - other than The Big Switch is tomorrow.

My random thoughts and frustration with late night television...

I used to hate Conan, However in the past couple years - he has really grown on me. I love him on the Tonight Show.

Jimmy Fallon is okay, but he sucks on Late Night.

This is the only good thing I've seen on his show so far.

Hopefully he gets better. As for right now... it's just not funny.

I know they are different networks - but I would have LOVED to see Jimmy Kimmel or Craig Ferguson take the Late Night spot. Then I wouldn't have to go through the effort of changing the channel.

Oh yeah. Carson Daily blows in general. I know he's made it more of a music thing than a late night show - I just can't stand it.

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