Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Flashback

Sophomore Year!


Thanks to soccer and softball in high school - I had a nice tan going in this picture! Oh yeah, I was a hell of a lot skinnier too. I really hate my eyebrows though. I have a feeling this is before I knew what to do with them. Okay, I lie... I still am not sure I know what to do with them!

Here are some more pictures. I don't know when they are from - elementary school at some point...


I love the random ladder prop. You know it's just so natural to come across a paint speckled ladder and pose with it. Good thing it's just a prop. Mom would have killed me if I got that pink paint all over my spiffy outfit. Did the guys get blue speckled paint on their ladders? Did I just say spiffy?


Yey! It's the "I don't want to smile" face! I'm totally rocking the pink floral shirt. I made my mom do my hair like this all the time. Actually if she would do it for me now, I would let her - but she refuses.

More school pictures I've posted before:
First Grade
Elementary School (no idea what grade)
Fourth Grade
Senior year


  1. You've pretty much had the same kind of hair...really long and straight hey?

    I had pix where I'm wearing flowers too!

    But mostly I had bows in my hair..and they were big!!

    My mom "made" me wear them!


    never props for me though...LMHO

  2. Lovely photos - such a child.

  3. You're adorable and you sooo look just like you did when you were little!