Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Don't Do Spiders.

I found a few moments while running around Cincinnati to stop by and attempt my sisters cache. After attempting the cache - I decided I like caching in the winter here a WHOLE heck of lot more!

Her cache was under a big log.... and when I lifted it up....

I had a greeter.

Actually... I had more than one.

It wasn't just the pill bugs. I examined the log more while figuring out if I really wanted to reach for the cache - I counted 4 more nicely camouflaged Wolf Spiders on the log as I thought.

I CAN do this I thought.

Then I looked down at the cache.

I quickly turned toward the car - and never looked back!


  1. seriously? eek! your sister chose a real good hidey-hole for her cache then!! :) nice. sorry for the wolfy dnf tho. grr i would have done the same as you, you know. hehe plus wolf spiders can kill. good decision. yes very good decision ;)

  2. That is disgusting!!! OMG, I hate wolf spiders...or any of them as a matter of fact!!!

  3. I agree with you. Caching in Ohio is much nicer in the fall or Winter before the bugs and poisonous plants are out. Glad I found her cache when I did.

  4. Nifty...I hate spiders too. We have some doozies over here in the jungle. We had one outside our house in town that we named "Snookums."

    The ones in your pics look big enough to carry the cache away!

  5. Spiders suck. Try caching in Alabama in summer, spiders everywhere. I hate 'em

  6. Spiders suck. Try caching in Alabama in summer, spiders everywhere. I hate 'em

  7. AHHHHHHHHH! I do not think I would have even gotten close enough to take those pictures! I am jumping out of my skin just looking at your blog! I am not going to be able to check it for like a week now until those scary spiders are gone!

  8. I'm thinking you should have just brushed the spider away with a stick and grabbed the cache... ;)

  9. ElliPirelli6/28/09, 1:43 PM

    Spiders are nothing to be afraid of. Mostly they're more scared of you than you of them...

    In our area we don't have poisonous spiders, and I don't believe you have them in the States either.
    So no reason to leave a found unlogged! I certainly wouldn't, anyway.

    But then, I have spiders at the ceiling over my bed, to keep the midgets at bay... ;-)

    Regards from Kassel, Germany,

  10. We have the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse in the U.S. Both are poisonous, the latter being the more dangerous of the two.