Thursday, July 9, 2009

Far Away Food

I think one of the best things about going back "home" is getting to eat all the foods you've been missing. While driving to Cincinnati I dreamed of Panera chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl, Rouster Apple House apple cider and blueberries, Skyline Chili, Skips Bagel Deli and Big Boy vegetable soup.

Unfortunately, I wasn't in town long enough to get all the goodies I wanted, but I did manage to grab a couple.


Skyline Chili
Beanless chili and noodles might seem pretty odd to some, but if your from Cincinnati or ever tried it - you will get why I missed it.

Typically ordered at Skyline
*cheese coneys (a hot dog topped with Skyline Chili, mustard, onions, and cheese)
*3-ways (spaghetti topped with Skyline Chili and cheese
*4-ways (choice of beans or onions added), and 5-ways (beans and onions both added).
*5-ways (beans and onions both added)

I usually get a 2-way (spaghetti topped with Skyline Chili), also called a Chili-Spaghetti. I then top it with oyster crackers. it is oh-so-good!!


DIY Cincinnati-style Chili Recipe ---> Here

Skips Bagel Deli

In high school we got off early on some Wednesdays, and when that happened we often met up with friends at Skip's. There is one in West Chester and Loveland. Though we would always go to the Loveland one near school, my friend Stephanie and I had been frequenting the West Chester one because it was near where I worked and near where she lived. So that's where we went when I was visiting.

Its a bagel place that makes sandwiches, salads, soups and kick@ss brownies. Brownies that are so big - you have to share them. We ate the brownie too quickly - I was unable to snap a picture of it. It tasted better than it looked anyway.

This is what I normally get.
Bacon, lettuce, tomato and yummy Boars Head turkey on a plain bagel. Yum yum yum. My mouth is watering right now!



  1. mmmmmmmm...Skyline.

    Hey! Why don't YOU make it this weekend?

  2. mine is watering too!!

    I'll admit tho that THAT bagel sandwich looks WAY better and healthier than that other food you have pictured here.