Friday, July 3, 2009

Finger Lickin' Good

Theresa and I pulled off the highway and drove a few minutes down a country road for a small cache somewhere in Texas. While out there we wanted to get a couple nice shots - so we went down the road aways. We ended up pulling into a church with a pretty field next to it. We started snapping some pics and noticed a cute brown cow in the distance. We snapped some more shots of him then started to head back to the car.

That's when we saw these two guys coming for us.


They looked like they were on a mission to get to us before we left - so we stopped and waited as they ran up. I'm assuming they were assuming we had food - that is, if cows assume... but pretty much just I assume that they assume. ;-)

Cows in the Spotlight

Anywhoo...Theresa decided to pet them - and they decided to size her up for dinner by taking a big ol' lick.

Finger Lickin' Good 1

She must have been finger-lickin'-good, becuase they kept on a lickin'!

Finger Lickin' Good 2

Speaking of finger lickin'... We came across a cache in TX that had the hint "Near the hands." We found the cache - and thought the hint was kind of weird. I just kind of assumed they meant the handrail... I wasn't to concerned though becuase we already found it.

But as we were leaving we came across this.

Lacy Simms

It kind of reminded me of Fried Green Tomatoes - If you have seen the movie you might remember what I'm talking about - if you haven't go watch it!

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  1. I like cows; they're usually quite friendly. I miss seeing them regularly. Most everything here that walks (and isn't human) quickly ends up on a platter.