Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Early B-day!

Happy early Birthday Jessica! Since she has already gotten the DVD and gift in the mail (I thought it would take longer to get to her!!!)- I decided I'd go ahead and post it all here :-)

How did you do that?
It is actually quite simple. I plop the camera on a tripod and hook up my remote. I like to use the remote so I don't risk bumping the camera. I then move whatever I'm giving motion to ever-so-slightly and take a picture... In this case I repeated that process 199 times. Putting the 199 pictures together in a video isn't very hard because the pictures are pretty much in order. There are some things I duplicate and some things I reverse the order of for effect.

It must have taken forever!
Not really. I think the whole molding of the Play-Doh and snapping pics took a little under an hour, including Breaks. puttin it together on the computer took about 30 minutes. :-) I've done it a couple times so I can do it faster than I used to!


I also included some "cake" and candles int he package with the DVD card!


  1. You did a good job on that card!!


  2. oh my gosh that was SOOOOOOO COOL!! you are super creative / artistic / never cease to wow me.

    thanks for sharing that video w/us!! happy b-day jessica!!

  3. Very nice job with this :) I like it.