Saturday, July 11, 2009

Multiple States.

Geocaching sure does take you to neat places... but 3 places at once?

3 Places @ Once
Yep! It's true!

While caching on the eastbound portion of my road trip I visited this cache. It brings you to a rather neat location. A spot where you can be in three places at once. Those 3 places being Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. I must have looked this cache up late at night - because some how I missed the virtual that was a few steps away - doh!

3 Places @ Once

The location of this cache was off a dirt road in the middle of thick woods...and it was late at night. Hunter was too chicken(he said "tired") and opted to stay with the car.

Going for a Cache in the Dark

So, after Hunter and I grabbed some pictures I went off in search for the cache about 160 feet away. Even though I had my headlights pointed in the cache direction and a small key chain "flashlight," I probably could have used more light. I managed to make it through the waist high grasses/weeds to make a quick find.


My NEXT multiple state goal... this cache.


  1. This is exactly the reason we enjoy Geocaching so much. It takes us places we would have never found in a thousand years on our own.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. LOL @ being too "tired" to cache. I'd never be too tired if I was 160 feet away. I might choose against a cache at night for safety reasons (and I have), but would never be too tired to do it when it's that close...