Sunday, July 26, 2009

Postcrossing Sunday

I've decided to only post one card when I do these now - to save my self some time!

I did however want to address a comment I received on a previous postcrossing post:

"i am a postcrosser, too. It is very interesting to get postcards from several
countries. But i think some people would not like to see the backside of their postcards at the internet. But nevertheless happy postcrossing"

This person is entitled to their opinion, but frankly I don't give a $hit. It's my blog and I'll post whatever the he11 I want on it. I block out my own address as well as others, if they put it on there. There is a $hitload of people out there with postcrossing blogs and even a group on flickr. So I'm not alone. On the actual postcrossing site they tell you to only post the picture side to there site - which is understandable. I know there are some morons out ther who have no idea how to take an adress off.

So yeah, I take the address OFF.... the writer is pretty much anonoymus to my blog readers. So I don't care if they care. It's not like they are telling me their deepest darkest secrets! This is NOT Postsecret.

Again. I don't give a crap and I'm going to keep posting them. It's gotten alot of other people involved in postcrossing - who otherwise wouldn't know about it. I since I've started posting them on the blog, Six different people have told me they started doing it!

Oh and thanks to that commenter - I haven't ranted in a while and it feels gooooood.

Here is the BACK of todays card! You may click to engarge if you would like. I know alot of my geocaching readers may find this one interesting!


  1. Just a note: My co-worked and I started postcrossing after reading about it on your blog, which I fo0und through twitter when we started following each other as geocachers. (small non-anonymous world, eh?)
    Since then I have won one of your contests, exchanged RL addresses with you (and yes I know I still owe you a photo of my now-retired swag bag) and continue to follow your blog.
    I would be very happy if I sent you a postcard and you posted, on your blog, my mundane words that I wrote on the back!
    Happy postcrossing and caching!

  2. You tell 'em Erika!

    I finally found some postcards the other day so we should be getting into the mix soon.

    I had planned on posting my received cards as well.

  3. As a postcrosser, I definitely wouldn't have a problem with it if someone posted the back of the postcard (provided the address was removed). I think you do it tastefully :)