Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Seeing Dad in Cincinnati

I had a 5 days in Cinci, 2 of which were not filled with traveling and reception stuff. I spent some of those two days hanging out with my dad.

This is me and my dad on the back deck.

Me and Dad

He is gets a little bit fatter and has a little less hair every time I see him, but I still love him!

My dad also smokes. Which is a really BAD habit. I wish he'd quit. He has tried so many times. I remember learning in school that it takes the average person 7 tries of quitting before they actually quit. I'm sure he is past that 7th try. I wouldn't normally take a picture of an ashtray, but I thought it was kind of pretty.

Kick it.

His girlfriend, whom I publicly dislike - was luckily out of town. She apparently likes gardening, and the flowers were super pretty...


... but they are more than out of control.


I wish I had a better picture - but you pretty much cant walk on the front and back sidewalks at all. It drives me crazy... Especially since my dad used to be so particular about the yard. It was always cut and maintained perfectly while growing up. My dad used to get pissed when neighborhood kids would cut across the front yard on their bikes.

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