Monday, July 6, 2009

The Shine of Tennessee

While in Tennessee we decided to go for an EarthCache involving crystals. As we were driving to the cache we started to think the car GPS had goofed up on us... we kept driving, and driving, and driiiiving on a random back road. Though we were hesitant about where we were going, we kept going. It was too pretty to stop and we figured we were on an adventure, so why not!

We finally got there and discovered many mounds of dirt.


It definitely confused us. We walked around looking for a crystal, a sign, a marker.... anything really - but all we saw was dirt and more dirt! After getting over the shock of seeing absolutely nothing, we started to notice the sparkly ground.


They were everywhere! Crystals! How did we miss all of them at first? We had walked right over them! I blame the sun - it was kind of to our backs as we came to GZ.


We took the necessary pictures to complete the geocache and found the largest crystals we could. Most of them were about the same size - between 1 and 2 inches.


The cache page explains a little more about the crystals and how they form. There is also some information on Wikipedia if you are interested. I know I can't put it in to words myself - rocks and minerals were never my thing. All I know is they form on the surface, because I saw it myself!


Though it was out of the way, I really enjoyed this EarthCache. Sometimes its good to get off the highway and enjoy the back roads!

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  1. That's amazing! I have always wanted to find an earth cache. Crystals look so pretty!