Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stateside Informal Reception

Theme: Crazy T-Shirt

The Couple
(B. & T.)

The Set Up
(Lots of chairs, four tables, three tents, two grills and one trampoline.)
Informal ReceptionInformal Reception

The Food
(The Best Man aka the Chef for the evening)
Informal Reception

(AKA, people to eat all the food!)
Informal Reception

The Cake

(Mini Tiffany's boxes with cute little bows. Extremely tasty for a box)
Informal Reception

(What I really mean to say is the beverages - but check out those cups!)
Informal Reception

The Games
(Can one even call it a grill-out without cornhole?)
Informal Reception

Best Friends!
(No explanation needed.)
Informal Reception


  1. I love that it was casual, but she still looked "wedding-y" in that first picture. They look like an adorable couple.

  2. That looks like a great party! I like how she carried over some of the color scheme and cake decor w/ the Tiffany cupcakes/boxes from the formal party to the informal one.

    Love the cups!

  3. lol I can't believe it.

    I read the part where you say "The Best Man aka the Chef..." and thought you had said "the best man!!" like you like him and were dating or his your brother or something?!?!? so i re-read it again and one more time, and that's when it hit me. Ha!

    THE best man!

    eek! :)

    Nice pics. looked like everyone that was there was so young!! So different than our reception :]]]