Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Flashback - Mopeds


Dear Grandma & Grandpa,

Hi How are you? I'm Fine. My mom and dad said that I can get a moped. But I have to pay for it. So to make [money] I'm going to do chores. I get to do 8 chores everyday and I get $25.00 a week. So when December comes I'll have $275. But instead of presents this year I'm asking my mom & dad for money. But for X-mas from you I was wondering if you could get me Doctor Dreadful's Drink Lab. It has a whole bunch of tubes that connect to vials. You put special mixture in it and [then] you can eat or drink it. It is like a chemistry set, but with stuff you can eat. It makes gummy worms and you stuff you can drink. Ever since I saw it on TV I wanted it. Well got to go. See you soon.


Okay, so I started this post thinking about the mopeds we had growing up - and I was going to write about that, but as I read my sister's colorful letter I started thinking about that Doctor Dreadful's Drink Lab. If I'm remembering correctly, she did end up getting it for Christmas and all of the stuff kind of tasted like crap.

I was also able to find this video on YouTube. So cheesy. Gotta love 90's commercials.

Anyway...Here is a picture of me and my older sister on the moped riding around the yard. Usually we didn't ride it together so maybe this was my first time on it. Thinking back, I'm kind of surprised our dad let us ride these around in the grass. He used to be paranoid about us and other kids cutting through the grass on our bikes, becuase it would leave tracks. This is also before the helmet awareness there is today. I think we did end up getting helmets for them though. We also got another more scooter like moped not to long after - because me an my little sis always wanted to ride - but since it was Sara's and she paid for it, she could say no and my parents couldn't do anything about it. Haha.

I think Sara, my older sister - did end up getting her moped license, but we mostly just drove them around the yard. I'm sure it made the neighbors crazy!


  1. Sara would have been 12, lol, a perfect gift for her. I have NO recollection of the Lab!

    She did get her moped license, then she would need me to drive the car to WalMart (or anywhere new) so she could follow me. She couldn't remember how to get there.

    I think the only reason he let you ride on the grass is because HE WANTED TO TOO!

  2. haha i loved that stupid lab! wrong commercial tho.. i had the skull drink and the gummy worms you could make....

    i love the use of multi-colors and my cursive wasn't that bad.. i like the ..."well i gotta go" part hahah

    i remember making the food and watching beakmans world..

    i had The Easy-Bake Creepy Crawlers oven too, that wold make plastic monster shapes, that was cool!

    oh and that chemistry set and microscope! and erector set! damn i love toys!

    oh and don't forget all the great tv shows!

    that moped was the bomb! i get a license at 13 and drove it everywhere! rousters, school for practices, venessa b.'s house, i took my ferret several times to the park, and of course to jeff's!

    that must have been the first day i had it and was giving you a ride, cause i wasn't allowed to go in the middle of the grass! only on the outside edge of the property! lol man i rode that thing out! remember when i got that nasty muffler burn! damn that hurt! i did have a helmet but you really don't need one...

  3. wow that doesn't look like the mopeds I've seen around here...that looks more like a mini-motor-bike. I'm surprised your sister got one. And that you got to ride it around your yard. That thing looks like it is in the same league as a wouldn't drive your car around the! interesting.

    and I remember that commercial. I thought that stuff didn't look like it tasted that good, in fact, it grosed me right out! lol

  4. crap erika i can't remember my damn password...

    that's almost what it looked like... it's too late to go digging for a picture of the exact one...

    .. when your working at the age of 13 and play tennis, basketball, and softball for school with two other sister and a mom who have a life.. it's time to get the responsible 13 year old a mo-ped... i never got one ticket and drove myself everywhere...