Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Apple Annie's


We left about 7am, stopped at McD's for breakfast and then headed toward Wilcox, Arizona. The drive was an hour and a half long. Destination, Apple Annie's. Sadly, I forgot to load my GPS with caches before leaving the house, but I'm sure we'll be back.

If you haven't had an apple fresh from an orchard - you haven't really had an apple. I worked at an apple orchard while in high school, and it is still very hard for me to pick up a waxy bruised-to-death apple off the grocery store shelf. It just doesn't compare to the crunchy-crispness of a fresh orchard apple. MMmmm, I'm spoiled. If you're ever in Cincinnati, you must go to Rouster's Apple House (the place I worked in high school). You can't pick your own Apples, but you can pick your own blueberries... and the cider... A - MAZE - ING.

The apple cider at Apple Annies in Wilcox, AZ though, not so amazing. I know cider tends to be up there in price... but this stuff was 6 bucks for a HALF gallon. Yeah right, like we'd buy that. We'd each only get ONE glass out of that. Besides, they weren't offering samples.... I bet if they gave me a sample I would have caved and bought it ;-)

We did buy a fresh pie and caramel apples. I'm 24 years old and still haven't mastered the art of eating a caramel apple.

This U-Pick orchard was much more upscale than the last one I went to. They had fancy pickin' tools and wagons that took you to the pickin' trees.

Pickin' Tools

There were tons of apples scattered about on the ground. It's easy to pick an apple, but for the inexperienced picker, it's also easy to bring 2 or 3 others down with it. We got better the more we picked, but couldn't seem to stop. It was too fun!

Rotten to the Core

It's sad though, to think about all the apples wasted.

Besides the overpriced cider, and our horrible picking skills - the trip to Apple Annies was worth it. I got my Granny Smith apples, so I'm satisfied!



  1. You are so right about orchard apples vs. grocery store apples. Love the pics per usual :)

  2. I want one bad apple!!! It is so delicioussss...
    Look here, I write about apple too:

  3. Glad you enjoyed your visit to our apple orchard! Yes, there are a lot of apples on the ground this year, we've had some horrible wind storms and tree-ripened apples blow off in the wind, thus the term "windfalls". We would love to give you a sample of our cider on your next visit, and have a Sample Table set up every weekend. I agree, it is pricey, but delicious. We buy it from a neighboring orchard and it's certified organic. Hope you'll enjoy another visit! Annie

  4. There's an orchard up near us, too. Really wild. I haven't been in a while, but I love the apples. Might have to make a trip soon, I guess!

  5. The apple tree we had when I was a kid was neat. You're right about fresh apples! The ones that are a little tart are my favorite.

    Very neat pics. That picking device is neat, but if you're too far away to reach it, can you even see if it's a good one? They should pick up the fallen ones every day for pies! I should stop drooling over pics of fresh apples...

  6. That looks like fun! I haven't been apple picking in a few years, but when I go I always enjoy it! :)