Sunday, September 20, 2009

Attention Geocachers - Grand Opening Special!

Have you checked out yet? They have a variety of geocaching containers. You can get a basic lock-n-lock cache container or something more tricky. They even have pill bottles, bison tubes and nanos ... all camo-ed and ready to go! Custom colors are available upon request for most caches, which is fabulous for the desert that some of us cachers live in ;-)

They are running some good specials right now, so I suggest you hop on over after reading this post! You can even get a FREE nano for helping to spread the word! You can find out the requirements for the FREE nano here. Even if you're not a fan of nanos these little guys would make a great FTF prize in your next cache. They would be great for event prizes too, but I'm probably going to be hiding mine!

After browsing the store, I think this cache is the coolest! It is perfect for all the hot weather here in Arizona! It would be neat to ask people in the description to log the temperature when they found it.

What the heck is Geocaching? Find out here.

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  1. Seems like there are a lot of places you can get containers now... but I still love making my own!