Saturday, September 12, 2009

Closing in and Signing the Log

The more you read,
The more you know.

The Location...

The more you know,
The more you grow.

Getting Closer...

The smarter you grow,
the stronger your voice.

Do You See It?

When speaking your mind -

Made the Grab!

Or making your choice.

....Sign the log!

All about geocaching.


  1. I was good to get out to geocache today...thanks for dragging me!

  2. Was that written on this 'book'? I like it and love this cache!!!

  3. (in response to your comment on my blog)-
    Thank you so much, that truly means a lot to me. I really appreciate it!! ^-^

    Oh and I definitely realize that have no idea what you got me into, lol. I'm officially a geocaching addict. Haaha. But still, I'm glad you introduced me to it, I find it so interesting, thanks again!! :]