Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gettin' Crafty - Fabric Postcards

If you are a long time visitor, you may know I have made fabric postcards in the past. If you are not a longtime visitor - check out my Valentine cards, St. Patrick's Day cards, and my very first fabric postcard.

I've been working on some Halloween postcards lately. I decided to start ahead of time this time so I can make them extra awesome. I think I have succeeded. Much more detailed than cards I've done in the past! I will probably send them at the begining of October so people can plaster the postcards to their fridge for decoration if they want. ;-)

Here they are yesterday - right after I painted them.
Gettin' Crafty!

This time I hand stitched them - My poor little fingers hurt (the cards are thick for mailing and hard to push a needle through)... So I may have to go back to the machine for the rest. I used a blanket stitch on the edges. I never knew how to do one, so with a little googling I found this video that sort of shows you how. I didn't make my stitches perfect... becuase this is Frankenstein people!

Here are the two I've hand stitched so far.

These little Frankenstein guys have glitter in there eyes! I love it. And yes, I know Frankenstein has bolts in his neck - but the one I found for a reference picture looked just like this - so I went with it. There is paper on the back, ready for a stamp and a personal message!

If I have the time and energy, I'm going to make pumpkins out of the orange they are on. There are more than 5 people I know that NEED cards ;-)


Thinking out loud...
I've been toying with the idea of selling these on Etsy... In the end - I probably won't, but what do you guys think? I think it'd be a neat idea for b-day party invites, shower invites, Christmas cards... and much more. I'd have to have an example of each - then make them when ordered....might be too complicated and rushed....

Eh. I'm leaning towards no.

Anyway.....I enjoy making them and sending them to friends.... just 'cause! :-) I love surprise random mail... even though they might be reading this. oops.


  1. I LOVE THESE!!! FABRIC? are you serious??? NICELY DONE Erika :))

    I could never nor would I want to sew by HAND those! You're awesome.

  2. Bravo Erika!!! I like it!!!!

  3. You ARE crafty. I had not seen that side of you.