Wednesday, September 9, 2009

IPOD - More Than Just Music

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In the past I used to print out "cheat sheets" for myself while geocaching. These usually contained the size of the cache, the difficulty rating, the terrain rating, hints and important info in the description. These cheat sheets prepared me for the caches, and helped when I had problems locating the caches... Annoying to compile, but necessary in my opinion.

While I know many people are paperless geocachers - I thought I couldn't be one. I didn't have a fancy GPS, and I didn't have a phone with internet. I did however have an IPOD... And yesterday I finally did some Internet googling and found out how to use it to store cache information. I downloaded MacCaching (which hadn't worked for me in the past but now does). Then using my premium membership from, I ran a Pocket Query. After opened the .gpx file on MacCaching, I exported the caches to my IPOD.

The information goes to the notes section of my IPOD. It tells me way more than I put on my cheat sheets and is much more convenient! I can see coordinates, cache owner, type, size, difficulty, terrain, full description, hint, and the last 5 logs.

While I know this is nothing new, but to me it is truly amazing. I wish I would have done this sooner!

Geocache? Huh? Click here, to find out more.


  1. Oh I'm so excited for you! And that's a cute IPOD!!

  2. I use my video iPod for paperless caching too! I don't use MacCaching though. I use something called CacheMate. I was totally proud of my uber-nerdiness in getting it to work.
    Congrats on going paperless!

  3. Didn't realize one could use a nano iPod for paperless. Very cool. I would do it but I have cachemate on my phone now (even though no internet), so I really like doing it that way. :)

    This is good to know for possible future use if needed though!