Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sundae Sunday!

Today has been dubbed IBOL Sundae. We've all been "ordered" by Mr. IBOL Guy to enjoy elaborate ice cream treats.

Mr. IBOL Guy, your wish is my command!

Tools of the Trade

My IBOL Spoon

My IBOL Sunday

My sister Lisa also participated in IBOL Sundae, you can read about it here. Erin, her battle buddy blogged about it too... AND My mom has a post in the works about it!

What is IBOL?

P.S. It would have been neat to call this MY BOL... because IBOL stands for Iraqi Bundles of Love... and this is MY bundle of love... also my BOWL. hehe ;-)

My first post about IBOL.


  1. Great! seeing these pictures up close on my pc vs. mobile is BAD. My mouth is seriously watering...but it didn't start watering until the third or fourth photo...not really sure now. My eyes are glazed over :P lol

    nice pix.

  2. what happened to your friday flashbacks?