Thursday, September 10, 2009

Virtual Cache in Ruins

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument
Coolidge, Arizona

Casa Grande Ruins

This was the last cache of the day on Tuesday. It cost 5$ to get in, and while I'd like to say it was worth it... I was kind of bored with the whole thing. It was just "meh" in my opinion.

Casa Grande Ruins

I had to read signage and answer 5 questions to claim the find. The answers weren't too hard to get to, so I snapped some pictures before leaving.

Casa Grande Ruins

And for you History buffs:

Casa Grande, or "Big House," is a 4-story structure built by the Hohokam in the mid-1300s. Constructed with layers of caliche mud, the walls of the tower are 4 1/2 feet thick at the base. This mysterious structure, with holes in 3 walls, is believed to have been used for astronomical observation. Casa Grande is the largest structure built by the Hohokam and represents the height of their architecture.

Casa Grande Ruins, the nation's first archeological preserve, protects the Casa Grande and other archeological sites within its boundaries, including remains of a walled village near the Big House and vestiges of other villages nearby.

Geocaching? What's that? Click HERE to find out.


  1. Well I think those structures look interesting enough. $5 though? eekers!

  2. I mean they were neat, But I could also see them for the parking lot ;-)

  3. The pictures are cool, at least! :)