Tuesday, October 13, 2009

7th Street Cemetery

Cemeteries always used to give me the creeps. My sisters and I used to hold our breaths when we passed them - Just like we did when we'd drive over a bridge.

I don't know if its the geocaching or the fact that I've grown up, but I they don't bother me anymore. I find my self reading headstones, comparing dates and wondering what happened.

Take this stone for example. There has to be a story behind it.

7th Street Cemetary - Benson, Az

Alice was Phebie's daughter and there deaths are 4 days apart. It gets me wondering. Was there some kind of accident and Alice held on a little longer? Was there some kind of disease/illness or something that both of them were battling? I'll probably never know, but it sure is intriguing.

After a day of caching in Benson, Arizona and stopping at two cemeteries, I have found that cemeteries here are a little different than in the Midwest....

First of all, there aren't many around. After living here more than a year, these cemeteries were the first I've come across. I guess it makes sense - the ground is a lot harder here. But where do all the dead people go. Do the majority of Arizonans get cremated and placed on the nearest mantle?

The second difference I noticed is the overall look, it was very different. There isn't a lot of green grass and big trees... well, because this is the desert. They also have these gate things around a cluster of stones. The family plot I guess? Maybe a sign of money? Some of them were individual stones only. Whatever the reason, they are unusual and interesting!

7th Street Cemetary - Benson, Az
IMG_4158 IMG_4162

Some gates were more elaborate than others.


The last thing I noticed that was different in these Arizona cemeteries, was the condition of the stones. I'm crediting that to Arizona's extremely warm and dry weather. At home it's not unusual to see old stones cracked, broken, and covered in moss....

Goecaching with Lisa Goecaching with Lisa

Here in Arizona though, the old stones were in pretty good shape.

7th Street Cemetary - Benson, Az IMG_4167

And before I go, I wanted to share this stone with you...


I did some Googling and it turns out Gumm was part of the 1st Territorial Volunteer Infantry. Finding a bit of history is always interesting!

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  1. Awesome! I love cemeteries!

    I know, that sounds strangely odd. When we were house hunting earlier this year, my wife absolutely refused to look at houses directly adjacent to any cemeteries. Me- it doesn't bother me at all. They all have a story and have so much history in them...

  2. So.
    On Elmer's grave stone?
    It's not supposed to say it, but it says SPAM WAR.
    Love that you're learning about the area!

  3. Cemeteries ARE interesting eh? I think the same thing when I see how closely family members died...I wonder what happened. As if it were a movie or show like CSI or something. hehe

  4. I love cemeteries, and try to fit in a visit on every trip to a new locale. In fact, this summer my best friend and I planned a roadtrip around a cemetery we'd read about in a novel.

    It's always exciting to me to read about other people who share my slightly-morbid interest. :-)

  5. What I like are strange epithats on head stones:

    She always said her feet were killing her
    but nobody believed her.

    Tim Mcgrew - Topeka, Kansas
    Here lies Sheriff Tim
    McGrew who said
    He would arrest Bill
    Hessessy or die -
    He was right.

    John Timothy Snow - Tombstone, Ariz.
    Here lies John
    Timothy Snow, who
    Died fighting for a
    Lady's honor (She
    wanted to keep it)

  6. That cemetery is so interesting! I love seeing what cemeteries in different places look like.