Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Colossal Cave


My friends were in town earlier this week, and one of the activity suggestions I gave them was a visit to Colossal Cave. They thought it sounded interesting, and after learning we'd be out of the sun on a 92day - the cave trip was set in stone.

I have been to Colossal cave before, I've even been on the same tour. This time though, was different. Our guide took us a slightly different way, a with a lot of tight spots. After almost getting stuck twice, I have now decided caves are for skinny people only!

Army Crawl! Ladder Tour Army Crawl!

Sure, it was a tight squeeze but we had so much fun! We were covered in dirt from head to toe and scraped up our arms from army crawling, but it was so worth it. I'd definitely recommend the Colossal Cave Ladder Tour for anyone wanting to get "off the beaten path."

After Army Crawling

There were a lot of ladders. This one was the smallest, being only the width of one foot.


We also had a lot of tight squeezes. This was only the beginning.... It got much tighter, leaving very little wiggle room.


We also went across these itty-bitty catwalks. It was a loooong way down.


I wasn't a geocacher the last time I visited the cave, so this time I was also able to claim a find on an Eathcache. I had to answer a few questions about the cave and take a photo. Sadly I forgot to take a picture where I needed before entering the cave. So here I am afterward all sweaty and dirty with hat hair. Gross!

After Caving

I'm up to 4 Earthcache finds now!

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  1. I was happy to see the girls, and it was fun having them here for a few days. You did a good job with planning activities, etc., sure sounded like it was a blast.

  2. aw man! you go girl...

    I'd hate to be in tight spots like THAT...I'd have a panic attack for sure! I am claustrophobic in small areas :/

    But good for you for doing that awesome workout :)

  3. Good for you. There is a cave cache here locally that I have on my geocaching watchlist. I would never try it in a million years. I like to watch it though and see how has done it. I know a few who have completed it. They are a little more serious about caching than I.

    Runestone Mystery Cache Link:

  4. Looks like a great time. I really like that catwalk. How far underground were you?

  5. John, At one point we were 80ft under.