Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Flashback - @ The Lake

Good times at the Grandparents' in Michigan.

Sara, Lisa and Erika. I'm touching my tongue to my nose. My only talent.

Dad, Nort and Erika

Nort and Lisa

I have great memories of knee-boarding, swimming, fishing and jumping off the dock! Grandpa had a few speed boats and then eventually a pontoon. They sold the boat this summer (or are still trying). It kind of makes me sad, but Grandpa is getting old. I started to get nervous every time he had to put gas in the boat ;-)


  1. These pictures is very funny, especially the first. You are like three monkeys. "I'm touching my tongue to my nose. My only talent." ha ha ha :)

    Erika,! This idea with Your Flashback is from LOst or not????

    You will be make your costume for Halloween???

    Look here:

  2. wow you can touch your nose with your tongue? I couldn't even get mine out of my mouth before I was 6! But I COULD curl it to slide it between my two front teeth!! hehe