Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fun With Travel Bugs - Tigger TB

Do you ever take pictures of the Travel Bugs you help move along? I don't always, but I like to when I have the time. I think the whole process of moving a TB can be rather fun. - it is what you make it. If it were my TB I know I'd be very appreciative of pictures!

Here is a little example of the pictures I take and the things I write:

Tigger scared me a bit when he bounced up on to the fence. I had forgotten that's what tiggers do! Here he is standing in front of Safford Peak.


Tigger was tired from all that bouncing, so he bounced right into the pool and onto the raft where he could catch some rays and rest a bit.
Tigger TB

Tigger told me not to tell you... but he loves the weather here a WHOLE lot better. He is excited about his goal and to bounce there soon, but he is worried about having to bounce back to cold weather!

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  1. I WISH him Goodluck!!!
    Tigger, I am in shok !!! Becouse, soon, I want to post about your paint on the Keychain - Dung beetles!!!! Yohohohoooooo.... =O)

  2. I have no idea what you are talking about.

  3. Always a bonus when someone posts pictures of a TB's travels. That's got to be a treat for the owners.

  4. Does it ever get below 90F where you live? hehe your pool looks inviting now! And the sunshine is nice. I bet it's a lot warmer than here is.

    Although it's nice to feel the cool ness CAN BE refreshing!

  5. Erika, I mean what I want to write soon, about Dung Beetles, that I have seen on picture with Tigger in your blog on Keychain!!!

  6. ohhh, you mean the little picture on the tag with Tigger. That is a little "bug" symbol used in geocaching for an item that travels ;-)

  7. I shot some photos of Tigger (Beanie Baby) and my son's cheetah (Cheeterie) at the Grand Canyon a few years ago and posted them at my post

    Karma or Amtrak?