Friday, October 2, 2009


I went to the mailbox today, hoping I would get at least one Postcrossing postcard. Well, not only did I get a postcard... There was something else for me...

An unusual envelop.

A heavy envelope.

With a faraway return address.

An envelope that only showed a small square as I held it up to the sun.
I do that.

I got into the car and opened the envelope.

Inside was another envelope.

On it written was "Just Because! Please register @ & log them. Though, these are yours to keep! -P.J."

I opened it up and to my surprise there were two pathtags!

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The softball one is P.J.'s personal pathtag, and the other one is from an event he organized. I've actually only seen a pathtag once... and my sister had found it. I'm not sure what became of that one either. We both were still new and had no idea about pathtags. So, today I went to to sign up, educate myself a little more and log the tags.

I really like these two pathtags. The designs are awesome and they really look nice. They are SO much better than a wrinkly business card stuck in a cache - they are quality signature items. Getting them in the mail today really makes me want to get my own made up... I'll have to save up though, they are a bit pricey for me!

Thanks again P.J.!!!

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Click HERE to learn more about pathtags.
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  1. The best of these is that they are quite affordable, compared to say geocoins. It's around $100 for 50 tags -- but if you plan on trading online (and believe me, if you do it a couple times, you'll get addicted), I'd save for 150. That's what I did with mine and I am starting to dwindle (though I have a few more in the works, hopefully!)

    Glad you enjoyed them!

  2. We just got into pathtags! Maybe we should trade!