Thursday, October 22, 2009

Phoenix Caching

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The last time I tried to grab a cache in Phoenix, it was 115out, so the caching plans were aborted. This time was different. Fall has hit and temperatures have started to drop. When my friends came to town, their arrival times ended up being a couple hours apart. Since we had some time to kill, I took Stephanie geocaching while we waited for Jessica to fly in. It was Steph's first time geocaching, and I was excited to show her what it was all about... since I talk about it all the time!

Here is Stephanie making her first find!

The cache was a magnetic tin.

We were excited to find some signature items from our home state, Ohio!
Signature Items

We decided to grab one more before finding somewhere to eat..


I think Stephanie enjoyed our mini caching trip caching. It's always fun to teach someone a little about the game of caching!

Who was the last newbie you shared the game with?

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  1. Today we shared the game with a few hydro workers that watched us find the cache we were searching for at the time. I ended up finding it...and showed them! It was a fake spider...I was a little scared at first. It was HUGE! hehe but I yanked it out anyhow. :))

  2. The last time we took a newbie was my sister and my 1 year old niece last month. My niece had no idea what we were doing and my sister seemed indifferent. Can't make everyone a cacher.

  3. I love finding signature items! Speaking of which, I need to make sure I have a handful of mine ready for my caching trip tomorrow!