Sunday, October 4, 2009

Postcrossing Sunday

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When you do Postcrossing you have the option to opt out of sending and receiving postcards from your own country. I opted out of Postcrosing within the US ate first - but to save a little $ and speed up the process a little, I now trade within the U.S. This postcard actually came from my home state ;-) I love Forrest Gump, and getting this postcard really makes me want to go watch it!

Received Cards


  1. Hello!!! It's very cool postcrossing, because I very love Forest Gump!!! Coming soon I am going to send a letter to my favorite actor Tom Hanks!!!!

  2. It seems today is postcrossing SATURDAY. oops! posted it the wrong day... ;-)

  3. Even from my phone this post card looks nice :P

  4. So you opted to do address for sending and receiving from the US as well? I turned that off as I'd rather see things from afar! :)