Sunday, October 11, 2009

Postcrossing Sunday

(Click Postcard to Enlarge)

I made my own postcards this week! I got prints done at Walgreens and used spray adhesive to spray them to some thicker metallic paper I had in my craft stuff. The paper is white on the back and great for writing on.

Handmade Photo Postcards

In the past, I have had postcards made on - I liked them becuase they looked like REAL postcards. However, they are a little more than I can afford right now so I decided to try something different. I'm glad I did, I think these turned out pretty good! It was a rather quick and easy process.

Handmade Photo Postcards

I got 44 pictures for a little over 12 bucks. That is roughly 27 cents a postcard. I'm sure I could get cheaper prints too - but Walgreen is super close and I think they do a good job. Oh yeah, it only took 20 minutes for them to do my pictures! I'm not sure how much the shiny paper costs, luckily for me I have a ton of craft supplies to go though before needing to by more of that.

My only issue with the postcards is the metallic paper I used. After the postcards dried for a day our two, the photos would pop off the paper if you bent them backwards a little. Knowing they wouldn't make it though the mail... I tried a few securing techniques.


I did a little fastener button thinggymabober on the first one, sewed the second and stapled the last. I sewed a handful and stapled the rest. Sure the staple is a little tacky... but it works. At least now I know for next time... no metallic paper ;-)


  1. I really love the grommets! Guess the metallic wouldn't let the adhesive thru, they sure look good tho.

  2. I really like the metallic ones. Too bad about the spray adhesive.
    My co-worker and I started postcrossing after reading about it on your blog. She is absolutely fanatical about it. She has a special file and everything. Thanks for introducing this to us. It makes mail time at the office a little more exciting!