Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pumpkin Pie

Finished Product!

Last week I decided I wanted to make pumpkin pie - from scratch. I wanted to make it from scratch for a few reasons. . .

I wanted to see if I could do it.

I wanted something to blog about.


I wanted something to take pictures of (though I don't like many of my bad kitchen lighting pictures).

I did some Googling and found some great instructions here. I had most of the ingredients, but had to go pick up some evaporated milk, pie pumpkins, pie crust, a pie dish and of course... CoolWhip. I decided not to make my own crust becuase I didn't think I could handle another task. Maybe next time, now that I know how to do the pie filling part.


I also saved the pumpkin seeds. They are soaking in saltwater this very moment. Later this evening I will drain the water and roast them in the oven. While working in the kitchen I had a discussion with my mom on how we eat our pumpkin seeds. I just eat them whole, and she shells them and eats only the little kernel inside. I think it is rather weird to shell a pumpkin seed, but I do shell sunflower seeds. You could kill yourself on a sunflower seed shell (they are too hard!).

Anyway, getting back to the point... Here is what I want to know. How do YOU eat your pumpkin seeds?? Let me know in the comments!

Moving back to the pumpkin pie making...


I had to gut the pumpkin... and I would be lying if I said I hated this part. It was always my favorite part about carving a pumpkin too. I like the eeewy-gooey-ness of pumpkin guts.

We are an earth friendly household... or at least we try to be. So the guts went into the compost pile. If you look closely, you can see that they are on top of last weeks soup scraps.


Here are the pumpkins baking and cooling.

Chillin' in the Oven! Cooling Pumpkin Halves

Scraped out the good part.


Pumpkin Puree, which reminds me of baby food.


Here it is with all of the ingredients!


Do you consider this cheating?


Hey guess what.... I managed to make a pie AND it was good!
If I could send you some through the computer I would!

I MADE This!

Update: the pie was even better after it chilled in the refrigerator for a while ;-)


  1. It was as good as it looks! I'm impressed, way more work that I'd ever attempt! Thanks!

  2. Adam DeAloe10/4/09, 9:29 PM

    Can't you share!??! Haha, looks delicious Erika!

  3. Though I don't like pumpkin pie, I will say it looks good!!

  4. Adam DeAloe10/4/09, 9:39 PM

    Oh yeah, and I like to eat the pumpkin seeds whole too, as long as they were soaked in saltwater before having been roasted. :)

  5. seeds from the pumpkin..., I love very much. We never not cooked this seeds but when I buy
    it, "they"-(seeds) are in dried state, I purify it from shucks and put in mouth!
    You need Stock up with pumpkins! It will Soon be Halloween! :)

    It is my new Postcard:

  6. Pumpkin pie (in the cooking stages) is also one of the greatest smells on earth!

  7. Cool Whip on pumpkin pie??? It's a travesty!!! I save pumpkin seeds, but also squash seeds from butternut squash and acorn squash and the like. I usually toss them with a smidge of olive oil, freshly ground pepper, and salt before roasting them. I eat them by the handful or I use them to garnish squash soup.

  8. Thank you for the pumpkin cooking tips. Your pie looks yummy!

    We roast our pumpkin seeds with a little bit of salt, let them cool and snarfed them up the next evening cuddled on the couch watching a movie.

  9. Sprinkle sugar as well as salt on pumpkin seeds before roasting. I have no advice on correct roasting procedure per se since I never seem to get that part right, but sugar makes everything better, doesn't it?