Monday, November 30, 2009

Ally Gator

I'd like to introduce you to Ally....

TB Making

...I've entered her in the HooHaa TB Race!

She's totally going win.


The HooHaa TB Race is looking for a few more people.
So if you a geocacher and want to get a trackable in on the fun... go check it out!!


  1. I will be posting more information in the next couple of days with some rules and such on my blog about the race... I hope we get more entrants for sure!

  2. Still waiting to get my GPS! Ü
    Must keep waiting, waiting, waiting... patiently even!
    Cute critter... I wonder if I should add one to my farm? hehehehe

  3. Ally is cute, Erika, but I'm afraid he has some competition. Henry Ducky Thoreau has entered the race. (And the one of our custom TB duckies is a prize as well.)