Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Flashback - Long Overdue

Molly & Me!

Do you ever look back on certain things and feel embarrassed that you ever did those things in the first place? You know... things like painting your walls pink and blue? Or dying your hair too dark? Those things that leave you thinking 5 years later "What the hell was I thinking?"

Well, I'm looking back - and I'm cringing this very moment.

In my defense I don't remember much of this sliver of my life. I was in this apartment for a little under a year... and the roommate I had did a 180 personality-wise on me half way through living here. She was a really nice person, we just clashed to much in the end. I worked at a big supermarket at the time, and hated it. I knew I had to quit that job the moment I woke up from a dream trying to scan my blanket. It truly was a nightmare!

P.S. This is "my best friend from Ashland," Molly -NOT my roommate at the time! She came to visit me in Cincinnati. What a good friend! Looks like we made cookies too. Yum!


  1. Was this the apartment with the pool that we went to a few times?

  2. I Think maybe your are thinking my mom's condo? This is the apartment I had with Kristine G.near Steak and Shake.