Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Teeth Hurt!!


Last week I had a broken filling fixed, there of course was a cavity right in there too. I had problems getting numb with the Novocaine (as always), so the dentist game me another kind of numbing agent... he had to drill in to my jaw basically and inject this stuff... I can't remember the name of it.

Anyway. After I received that I had no pain issues while the work was being done. I had some of the normal sensitivity after, but one specific point that wouldn't go away. When I came back this week for another filling on the other side I told him of this pain (a sharp shooting pain when I ate crunch stuff or pushed on it with my fingernail) he said it was my bite and "fixed" it.

After fixing my bite he then he got to work on my other filling. He skipped the Novocaine and used the other numbing stuff this time. Except... I didn't get all the way numb. I could feel most of the drilling. By the end of the procedure I was in tears. It hurt so bad. Even when he polished my teeth as a finishing touch, I was wincing.

The numbness wore off in a couple hrs and I can't eat anything. The slightest tap/touch to the top of those teeth that were worked on gives me a horrible sharp pain.

I have no temperature sensitivity, no sweet sensitivity, just tapping and pressure to the tops of the teeth absolutely kill.


They were significant fillings. I'm crossing my fingers that this pain will go away, if I have to get anymore work on these two teeth. I'm screwed. That crap cost way to much!! No insurance... blows.

Anyway, I had to get this all out... the pain is consuming my life.

UPDATE: I was given some mads for the pain - but it only lessens it slightly :-( I must now wait until Monday to see how I feel.


  1. I'm sorry, I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Aw..I hate tooth's problem too!
    I feel sorry for you.
    I pray for yours to get well and work ok. And mine too! ^-^


  3. Aw that sounds awful, I'm so sorry! Hope you get well soon.
    Tried clove oil? - tastes rank but takes the edge off!

  4. You should have insisted on the Novocaine and I like the gas it relaxes you. I hope you are taking some over the counter pain meds!! Good luck !

  5. Read my story abour it:

    In captivity at the dentist

    The best "friend" for people is a dentist. He always comes to the
    rescue. These days, I visited a dentist. For a long time, we didn't see
    each other.
    Even when I was five years old, I didn't love them. Their screwdriver
    and a hammer, and other tools drop in your teeth as ticks in the woods.
    So when I was five, I was very afraid of the white gowns, and especially,I
    was afraid of the sound which I heard. It was a creek. Last Child Creek.
    When was my turn to go,at the begining, I was calm but once I felt
    a danger closer I started jumping and try to escape from doctor.
    Even if they was offered for me one little candy I would not have agreed
    to went back. But nobody have ask me - I want it or not.
    One White Robe grabbed me from behind and threw me on a chair,
    a second bandaged my arms and legs to the seat.
    How I can forget it?!
    After this accident, parish to the dentist for me, is captive.
    But for this ocasion they didn't need a rope and muzzle, I just gave up.

  6. I am sorry to hear about your pain. I hope you feel better soon. I kinda know what you are going through. I had teeth worked on and I was not numb all the way and the dentist told me that it was just pressure and it was not...Teeth pain is the worse pain in the world.

  7. My mouth is clamped shut as I read this.

    Sorry for your experience!!

    PS I am also sorry that your growling tooth picture made me laugh.

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  9. This Ozarks farm chick hates a trip to the dentist. I have been quoted as sayin', "I'd rather have a baby than to go to the dentist!"

    I just wanted to give ya'll a big old CONGRATULATIONS on your blog of note.

    Stand up and take a bow enjoying every moment of your new found fame. Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

  10. Sorry to hear you're still in pain-that's never fun. You mentioned insurance. If the dentist didn't "fix" your teeth correctly, shouldn't he/she have to make it right? Finally, were you expected to carry on a conversation when all sorts of sharp metal thingies were in your mouth?
    Rinse and spit...

  11. Toothache can be a nightmare to live with. I once had an abscess and the pain seemed to affect the whole of one site of my head -

    Still you can cheer yourself with having the honor of being a 'blog of note'


  12. hope u feel better soon, im new on here dont really no how to use it can people add me if u can and read my blod and comment please tah

  13. I hate the dentist. The absolute BEST way to get ANY work done on your mouth is to be COMPLETELY unconscious. Love the drugs. Love them.

  14. been avoiding the teeth thing myself...they will heal i know it

  15. You are amazing

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  17. Look at you with all these commenters!!!

    And yes I still remember the last time I was at the Dentist too. It was horrible.

    Not only did I cry from the pain, but I seriously was kicking my Mom was there holding my legs down so the Dentist could work!!! I was 19.

    Haven't been back since. 10 years and counting : .

    no insurance does suck but so does the pain right. I'm not going back again, until I can afford it...

  18. Wow! I just started up my blog and I'm just viewing other people's blogs - and yours is by far very interesting. That sucks that you're in pain though - I hope you feel better soon :-)

  19. I feel your pain sister! Toothache just sucks. I wish both of us luck!!

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  21. Nothing worse than a tooth pain that won't go away. I have a filling on my right side... lower. Like 3 teeth down from the main two. Anyway, it took my poor dentist like three times to be able to help me with it. Everytime he did something, it couldn't seem to fix it. Poor guy was trying all he knows -- and he's good. Now it's fine... but I feel your pain.

  22. How awful! I guess I'm a little late, but I still feel bad for you. I know what "toofer (as my kids used to say)" pain is like.

    Yuck! I like the angry tooth illustration, though!

  23. Love the illustrations. Sorry for the inspiration! If it makes you feel any better, a friend just had 2 root canals this week, and still needs more work done, all thanks to a childhood accident on her bicycle. She's looking at $3k out of pocket (and she *has* dental insurance). Yeesh!

  24. I feel sorry upon hearing the pain that you had encountered during your dental procedure. Well when I had my tooth extraction by a
    (Germantown) dentist/s, the first thing I did was to check my anesthesia. Its not that I m too choosy or certain at some instance, its just that I have some allergic reactions when it comes to some medicines.