Thursday, November 26, 2009


Lisa in NZ

I just wanted to plug my sisters blog real quickly! She is currently on leave from her tour in Iraq. She decided to go to NZ for some R&R. While I'm sad not to have her here at home, I'm glad to see her traveling the WORLD! I don't think it is an opportunity I'd pass up, so I don't blame her. Who wants to go home - have everything "back to normal" and then have to leave. again? I think that would be a lot harder. Anyway - go visit and comment!


  1. She's got some great photos! I left her a comment and said I completely agree about the hotdogs!! I hope she continues to have a fun time.


  2. New Zealand is THE TOP on my list of = REALLY WANT TO DO IN MY LIFETIME BUT PROB NEVER WILL. Your sister looks like she's having an amazing time; 3 bungee jumps?!! she's a little crazy too isnt she? lol. good for her!!