Sunday, November 15, 2009

Postcrossing Sunday - Scotland

I love it when hobbies collide.

I got this Postcrossing card from Scotland, the sender is a geocacher!



While geocaching.... I drove past the old Marana Post Office. I didn't know the building (remnants of it any way) existed. There wasn't a cache here, but I would have never traveled this road if it weren't for geocaching!

U.S. Post Office - Marana, Arizona

Come on In!

Yes, I love it when hobbies collide.
Geocaching, photography and Postcrossing!

What is Postcrossing? Find out Here.
What is Geocaching? Find out Here.


  1. hey! you have a very nice blog! keep up the good work!

  2. It's funny postcard!!! You know what now I am postcrosser too!!! :)

  3. Great pictures! I just started Postcrossing I can't wait to see where my first one comes from.

  4. Whoa. There's another DeMo here! I would like to geocache but don't you need GPS? I'm lacking in that department. I can postcross though! I just signed up for it when I found your blog, and will send my first card this week.

  5. That is pretty cool that you got a card from a cacher. And the post office -- way too cool. I love stumbling upon things like this. As much as some of my friends/brothers make fun of geocaching, it really has brought me to some cool places!

  6. Excellent Gauguin Postcard!

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