Monday, November 23, 2009

The Powder Factory

I stumbled upon this powder car while... you guessed it, Geocaching. The car was situated near the front of a little park near the Santa Cruz River. There are no train tracks around now, but who knows what might have been there years ago.


I snapped a picture of the wheels because they weren't your typical locomotive wheels. I asked my mom (she knows everything) and she said she thinks they are like that so they could go on the tracks and the road. I'm not really sure, but it makes sense!


I wanted to post these pictures so I started to do a little research to see if I could come up with any info to accompany them. As usual, I got a little side tracked. I came across info about a powder factory and horrific explosion that happened over a century ago, near where I grew up.

This powder factory still stands today. Just outside of Cincinnati, it sits along the Little Miami River and Bike Trail. As kids, we'd ride our bikes past the creepy building. I knew nothing of its history then, but the dark quiet building with its broken out square windows, really gave me the heebie-jeebies.

As teenagers, we heard it was haunted - and I did find various bits of information while googling, but I'm not going to get into that... We'll leave that to the Ghost Hunters. Word around town was that you could also find the occasional loser at the factory - there for various loser activities. Hah.

The Old Powder Factory at King's Mill
Photo by: lilysecret42

The explosion that happened at the factory (it might actually be the one across the river, I'm not entirely sure) happened in 1890. It is a very interesting story. You can read a eyewitness account here. I also thought it was interesting how they described the injured. Nowadays they would just say "critically injured" but back then they pretty much told you what injuries the people had and if they expected them to live.

Pretty interesting stuff!


  1. its amazing how all those details rolled up into "critically injured". arg!

  2. Great pictures and interesting story. Funny how every city has a spooky building like that and I never thought about the history of it.

  3. I think I prefer 'critically injured' - doesn't paint quite the same image to stick in my mind that the full details do! That was a really interesting website - the one with the news report.


  4. Always cool to come upon things like this. This is what's great about geocaching. You never know what you'll come across!